All my pieces, from the smallest to the most intricate, all begin with a single thought - How do I take these materials before me and design them in a new, beautiful, and meaningful way?

I love to incorporate an element of the unexpected into my jewelry, while designing pieces that are (for the majority) uniquely feminine. I relish the practice of taking materials intended for a different purpose, possibly discarded, and creating items completely unrelated to their original use. Rather than recycling, I Revive items.

Revived bullet casings, vintage silverware, and antique coins are a few of the items in my staple of supplies. Other favorites are found in Nature - naturally harvested organic materials such as shed antlers, feathers and wood timbers, the ocean's bounty of shells, tumbled glass and stone, and semi-precious stones created deep within our amazing planet Earth, often fused with mixed metals.

Recently I began the journey of learning the fine art of metalsmithing, and this has opened a world of possibilities and endless horizons for my craft. I am constantly learning, always evolving, and infinitely designing. 

Perhaps one of my pieces will resonate with you. On the off chance it does not, I am open to customization and one-of-a-kind commissions. If you have only stopped by to browse, I swing the door open wide to my cottage nestled here in the mossy oaks and say 'Welcome!"