• Image of Bullet Wine Glass Charm Set of 6
  • Image of Bullet Wine Glass Charm Set of 6

Scarlett Sage® Exclusive product ©2013

Entertaining will be even more fun and special when you offer your guests these to adorn and identify their wine glasses. 6 wine glass charms per set, featuring an assortment of calibers from small to large - each with a different color Swarovski crystal to differentiate it from the others.

Choose 6 calibers from the following list for your personalized set, or leave it up to my discretion. Please type your choice of caliber on the Information portion of order form. If no calibers are listed, I will produce them with varying sizes from large to small, using different color crystals in each.
9mm Luger
357 mag
38 Super
38 Special
40 ca
44 Mag
45 Auto
30 30

Cheers from Scarlett Sage!

Pair this with our unique wine corks embellished with revived 12 gauge shotgun shell heads for a unique gift or party theme! Wine corks are here on the site, search the product listings to view.

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